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This page contains information from before 2010. It is left here for archival reasons only.  Although in most cases, the information here should still be relevant and useful, please be aware that the information contained on this page may be out of date.  For the most up to date information please navigate back to the home page.

Waterjet Web Reference Calculator

This software requires Windows 95, 98, 2000 NT 4.0, XP or Vista.
Version 2.4, Updated 5/31/2003


Computes fastest waterjet linear feed rate to cut through a given material, and a slower linear rate for general waterjet machining (using Dr. Jay Zeng’s doctoral thesis for the cutting model). It’s very simple, but it will give the novice a good idea of how fast a waterjet can machine.

Note that this calculator gives linear feed rates–for cutting in a straight line–which can be misleading.When making real parts, the waterjet needs to slow down for corners and intricate geometry. This calculator will let you compare cutting rates of different materials, and different nozzle setups, but it can’t be used to estimate how long it will take to make a part. Making a real part will always be slower than the time given by the calculator.

abrasivejet feed rate calculator picture

Download Instructions

Download Waterjet Web Reference Calculator

This file downloads as an EXE (executable) file. You do not need to install it—you just run the file by double-clicking on it. After the first time you run it, it will create a configuration settings file (called WJWRPreferences), which keeps track of the settings you use.

Note to OMAX customers
A much more advanced version of this waterjet calculator is available on the “OMAX Software CD”. If you installed the Windows version of Layout or Make, then you already have the more advanced calculator on your computer. Look for it on your Start menu. Also, software updates are frequent, full of powerful new features, and free. To take advantage of this, be sure to visit OMAX’s waterjet technical support (external link) web page.