Cutting tubes and pipes

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High pressure waterjet tubing that has been cut with an abrasive waterjet

High-pressure waterjet tubing that has been cut with an abrasive waterjet

As shown in the above picture, the abrasivejet does a pretty decent burr-free job of cutting, but there is a slight blemish. Notice the way the texture of the metal is slightly changed underneath the hole. This is because as the jet cuts across the hole, it gets slightly disturbed, and fans out a little. The end result is that it cuts a little bit differently on the other side. Plugging the hole with a dowel might improve the cutting, but in this case, the results were fine.

Some manufacturers have accessories that will rotate a part between cuts. This is well-suited to cutting pipe, as you can cut one side (or one-quarter) of the pipe, rotate the pipe and cut the other side. This improves the cut quality, because each pipe is cut by the jet when it is near.