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This page contains information from before 2010. It is left here for archival reasons only.  Although in most cases, the information here should still be relevant and useful, please be aware that the information contained on this page may be out of date.  For the most up to date information please navigate back to the home page.

This section of is for those people who are looking to purchase their own waterjet system. A new waterjet can range in cost from approximately $100,000 on up to several million dollars for a very large production-scale system. doesn’t sell waterjet systems, or recommend particular manufacturers, although we do have a list of waterjet manufacturers that you can look at.  The articles in this section focus on the different parts of a waterjet machine and what you should look at when making your purchasing decision.

Articles in this Section


This section covers general advice for purchasing a waterjet system, including the pros and cons of buying a used waterjet system and cautions about avoiding hidden costs.

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