Joining the group

Step 1
To sign up for the waterjets group, go to and sign in with your Yahoo! account if necessary. If you do not already have a Yahoo! account, you will need to create one.

Step 2
Once your membership is approved, which it probably will be unless it’s clear your a spammer, you will then start getting emails from others who have also signed up.

Step 3
To send an email to everybody in the group, simply send an email to, or reply to someone else’s email.

(If anyone else sends an email to the group, you will automatically get it as well. All emails that come from the group will be clearly marked by “[waterjets]” in the subject, so you know where it came from.)

Be sure to read the Waterjet Web Reference group discussion guidelines .

New memberships are subject to approval, and may be moderated to prevent spam or viruses from being distributed to the group.