Questions about advertising listings

Q: I have an existing listing, but I’m unable to log in with my e-mail address and password, because my e-mail address has changed and/or I don’t know my password. What should I do?
A: Contact us and ask for a new e-mail address and password to be assigned to your existing account.

Q: Can I have more than one listing?
A: Yes you can. Simply sign up as you would for a new listing. You’ll need a new listing for each region, geographic location, and service.

Q: What does it mean that my listing is a “subscription”?
A: That is the way that PayPal handles recurring payments. Each month the subscription fee is automatically deducted from your credit card, or other payment that you specified in PayPal. If you subscribed by mail (check), then you have paid for an entire year and your account will expire at the end of the year unless another payment is made. An expiration notification will be e-mailed to you prior to your end date.

Q: Can I list non-waterjet related shops or services?
A: No. Our focus is to provide an extremely targeted audience to waterjet and abrasivejet job shops and suppliers.

Q: What happens if my e-mail changes? How do I log-in?
A: Log in with your old e-mail address, edit your account, and then change your primary contact e-mail address. If this does not work, contact us.

Q: I have already signed up for a listing in one category, and I want to change to another category. Does this work?
A: Yes and No. If you signed up for a listing in Job-Shops, Abrasive-Suppliers, Hardware-Suppliers, Services, or Software Vendors, then you can change your category after-the-fact by simply logging into “edit my listing“, and changing it to a new category within this list of categories.

However, you can not change to “equipment manufacturer” without adding it as a new listing. If you are signed up as an “equipment manufacturer,” then you cannot change to another category. This is because “Equipment Manufacturer” is a category with a different advertising rate than other categories. You can also sign up for multiple categories, if your business spans multiple categories.

Q: If I subscribe to a “Basic” account, how do I upgrade to a “Premium” account?
A: Log in to edit your listing, click on the “Upgrade to Premium” button and follow the on-screen instructions. The upgrade will happen automatically but your credit card will not be charged until your next payment due date. This only works if you paid by PayPal. Unfortunately, if you paid by mail, upgrades are not available during your current subscription term. You must purchase an additional listing on the web site.

Q: If I subscribe to a “Premium” account, how can I downgrade to a “Basic” account?
A: Log in to edit your listing, click on the “Downgrade to Basic” button and follow the on-screen instructions. The downgrade will happen automatically but your credit card payment will not change until your next payment due date. This only works if you paid by PayPal. If you paid by mail, you will have to wait until your premium subscription expires and then sign up again.

Q: How do I pay for a listing that has expired due to a missed payment?
A: Listings may expire due to an expired credit card on PayPal or other missed payment.  To renew an expired listing, you just need to set up payments for your listing again:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your login information if prompted:
    1. Login information can be retrieved from the login page if you have forgotten it.
    2. After logging in, you will see the page with your listing information.
  3. Scroll to the bottom, and you will notice the following text:
    1. “Payment for this listing has expired.  To pay for this listing, click here.”
  4. Click where it says “click here”
  5. Once your payment is processed, your listing will resume showing fully.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
A: There are two options depending on how you paid. If you paid via PayPal, then you can go to the “Edit Listings” page, click on the “Cancel” link at the bottom of the page and go through the steps provided by PayPal. Once you do this, you will no longer be charged for future payments. If you paid via mail (check), your listing will expire one year from the date payment was first received (listings paid for by mail are non-refundable.)

Q: What can I do to be listed closer to the top?
A: Make sure your web site links back to either and that you edit the “link back url” item in your listing to indicate that you have provided the link. Also, upgrade to a premium listing, if you have not already.

Q: How do I get stars next to my company name?
A: Some of the listings have gold stars next to their names. There are two ways to get gold stars:

  • Purchase a premium listing
    This automatically adds one star to your listing
  • Have a link on your site to
    Once we verify the link, this adds a star to your listing, even if it is not a premium listing

Single star waterjet advertising listing

A one star listing (either a premium listing or one with links back to this site)
  • The coveted double-star listing is available if you purchase a premium listing and you provide a link back to

a double star waterjets listing

A double-star listing (a premium listing with links back to

Q: What determines the order in which listings are displayed?
A: Here is the order in which listings are currently displayed:

  1. Premium listings that also have links back to (these listings have two stars by them).
  2. Premium listings that do not link back (one star listings).
  3. Standard listings that link back (one star listings).
  4. Standard listings that don’t link back.
  5. Finally, expired listings are listed last, or not at all.

If there is more than one listing in a given category (for example, several premium listings), then the order they are listed in is the order that the listings were signed up for (oldest listings first—an incentive to sign up soon). Note that this listing order may change slightly in the future (for example, it may some day be alphabetical, reverse-alphabetical, random, or some other method.) Also, in search results, listings may appear based on search relevancy, such as closest to searched for zip code, etc.

Q: Who owns
A: The Waterjet Web Reference is owned by Olsen Software, LLC. Contact us for more information.

Q: Does the Waterjet Web Reference sell anything?
A: The Waterjet Web Reference only sells advertising space. We do not sell equipment or other services.

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