Privacy Policy

If you are just browsing the site, we only collect statistics that cannot be tied to you individually. We’re just interested in what pages people visit and whether or not they click on ads. Not that you’re not a worthwhile person and totally worthy of individual attention, but we’re more interested in making money and one person can’t click on enough ads to pay our cable bill, much less the rent.

If we decide to turn on user registration, then we’ll be collecting a user name (and maybe an e-mail address). But we won’t sell or give away your information to anybody else. In fact, if we’re bought in a Corporate Takeover, we’ll try to sabotage the list of users so that EvilCo, Inc. can’t exploit you and send you spam. Because we hate getting that stuff, too. No promises, though, because if EvilCo, Inc. threatens to torture us, we’ll rollover in a heartbeat.