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OMAX Corporation
21409 72nd Avenue South
Kent, WA
phone: 1-800-838-0343
fax: 253-872-6190
email: omax@omax.com
web: http://www.omax.com
OMAX and MAXIEM JetMachining systems.

P. O. Box 517
180 South Ave.
Tallmadge, OH
phone: 330-677-9100
fax: 330-677-9121
email: sales@wardjet.com
web: http://wardjet.com/
Manufacturer of Tailored Waterjet Cutting Machines
Building the most diverse line of waterjet cutting machines in the industry. Engineered as modular waterjet platforms, our designs can be expanded, upgraded and tailored to your needs. American Made; Free Tech Support; Abrasive Recycling; Waterjet Kits

MAXIEM Waterjets
21409 72nd Ave. South
Kent, WA
phone: 1-800-838-0343
fax: 253-872-6190
email: sales@maxiemwaterjets.com
web: http://www.maxiemwaterjets.com
Starting price at $79,000
OMAX Corporation is the leading manufacturer of precision abrasive waterjet systems. OMAX and MAXIEM JetMachining systems are completely computer-controlled and affordable, starting at $79,000.

Jet Edge
12070 43rd St. N.E.
St. Michael, MN
phone: 763-497-8700
fax: 763-497-8701
email: sales@jetedge.com
web: http://www.jetedge.com
Waterjet motion systems, pumps and parts.

Jekran Ltd
BLB009B, 1st Avenue,
Bulebel Industrial Estate,
Zejtun,Malta ,Europe
phone: +356 27012999
fax: +356 27012999
email: info@jekran.com
web: http://www.jekran.com
High Quality CNC Waterjets

International Waterjet Machines
1108 W. Valley Blvd, #6
Alhambra, California
phone: +1 213 985 4855
email: info@iwmwaterjet.com
web: http://www.iwmwaterjet.com
Manufacturer of waterjet cutting machine and parts

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Caretta Technology s.r.l.

TrennTek GmbH - High Pressure Equipment

Semyx, LLC

Plasma Automation Inc. (VICON)

Accustream Inc.

A Innovative International

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